At SBH Kennel we strive to breed only the best quality Chocolate, Blue and Slate Australian Cattle Dogs.

Non-Standard and Traditional Colored CKC registered Australian Cattle Dogs in Northern Arizona

We pick our bloodlines based on type, temperament and working ability. Our dogs are correctly built, longer than they are tall with broad chests and blocky heads. We breed for smaller ears, shorter noses and compact paws. We do not alter our pups in any way, they go home with their dew claws and tails intact. All of our dogs are socialized with people and have no aggressive impulses at all. People are welcome to meet them. They have been introduced to sheep and goats and they all have working drive.

We raise our puppies inside! Unlike too many kennels, our puppies are not raised in above ground cages or in dog houses. Our puppies are born inside the home and do not go outside until they are around 5 weeks old. We handle our puppies daily since birth and take pictures weekly. All of our puppies go home confident and socialized.



Absolutely love my puppy. Jessie kept us updated from birth, sending weekly pictures to watch our guy grow. We were allowed to pick up the puppy on her property. The dogs were a bit noisy, as expected with this breed but all the dogs were healthy, happy and friendly. The yard was pretty clean and we felt 100% good about our decision on the breeder we chose. Best part was out puppy was very healthy and playful and by far the most socialized puppy we had met in all our years. Jessie had his vet paperwork, registration papers, contract and a baggy with goodies waiting for us. We took him to our own personal vet a few days later and our vet was very pleased and gave him a clean bill of health. Our puppy, now named Theo, gets us compliments everywhere we go. People always ask where we got him and we are more than happy to refer them to SBH Kennel. Very grateful to SBH Kennel for such a wonderful puppy and the support.

Jennifer Barstow - AZ

I purchased a puppy from Silver Blue Heelers Kennel back in 2018 after being referred to them by several of my friends who had purchased puppies from this breeder. She drove my puppy from Alabama to Idaho for me. Unfortunately not long after I met her to get my puppy, the puppy showed symptoms of parvovirus. The vet confirmed and the puppy passed away less then 24 hours later. While I was devastated, and couldn't contact the breeder for a while, she finally reached out to me and offered to either refund or replace the puppy. I decided to ask for a replacement puppy as I was still searching for the right puppy and the breeder offered to drive the puppy from Arizona to Idaho and promised it would not be sick. I got Remi from them last year. She came with proof of shots and vet check. The breeder didn't have the CKC papers yet but promised to mail them as soon as they got them. Remi was 100% healthy, and we got the papers a few months later. While it was a rough go I understand life happens. I recommend this breeder.

Hailey R. - ID

My family has always had ACDs. We made the mistake of purchasing two puppies from another local breeder in Dewey, AZ. We decided to test our dogs and while they were purebred, both dogs are inbred and one is at risk for PRA. The other carries it. This breeder claimed her dogs were tested and didn't carry genetic diseases so this was very upsetting to us. She also claims her dogs hips were certified and imported from Australia but could never produce paperwork to verify this and at only a few years old one of our dogs has been diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia. When we tried talking to the breeder, she called us liars, and blocked us. Needless to say, when we decided we were ready for another puppy we looked elsewhere. We found a flyer for SBH Kennel while visiting the local Tractor Supply. We contacted her and started asking questions. While she had not had hips or elbows tested, she offered to write us a guarantee. She had results for her dogs on hand and was very open with what dogs carried what, and did her best to help us pick the right litter. We drove to Ash Fork to see the puppies and parents before placing a deposit. She let us meet the parents, see the puppies inside the house and meet the older pups outside. Satisfied we placed a deposit. We picked up our puppy in April, she held the puppy a few extra weeks for us at no charge, even covering the second round of shots. We ended up testing this puppy as well and recently got the results. Inbreeding was low, and the health results lined up with what they should have been. And of course the puppy is purebred. This puppy is built MUCH nicer than the two we got from the other breeder and is much healthier. We will always go to SBH kennel for our puppies from now on and will recommend them to anyone looking for a good looking and healthy pup.

Anonymous - AZ